About EZOffice Inc.

Ergonomic Workstation Products

EZOffice specializes in the manufacture of adjustable keyboard mechanisms, tray sets, and other reliable ergonomic workstation products. Our designs are both original and patented

In 1998, EZOffice began operations as a manufacturer of adjustable keyboards and drawers and other ergonomic products for today’s modern office. EZOffice is a subsidiary of Weber Knapp, whose beginning dates back even further, to 1909. You can read more about Weber Knapp’s rich background story here.

Weber Knapp is a world-renowned hardware and ergonomics manufacturer located in the United States. This company provides the engineering expertise that goes into EZOffice ergonomic products. Our manufacturing facilities and offices are located in the Ta Fa Industrial Park, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, which allows us to serve a global marketplace.

What Makes Our Ergonomic Workstation Products Stand Out (and in, up and down)?

Many of today’s jobs involve hours per day, or even the entire work day, sitting in front of a computer. EZOffice ergonomic office solutions can help to position a computer keyboard in a way that reduces or even eliminates RSIs (repetitive strain injuries) associated with heavy computer use.

EZOffice’s keyboard mechanisms and other ergonomic design products allow the human body to achieve a natural or neutral position while using a desk. EZOffice’s ergonomic office furniture solutions include adjustments to:

  • Height positioning of keyboard above the floor
  • Tilt angle and rotational adjustment of the keyboard platform relative to the desktop surface
  • Focal-length adjustment, which permits users to position themselves at the correct vision distance from the monitor

We design with the end user’s long-term health and happiness in mind — which can also result in improved workplace productivity for the boss!

Certifications & Memberships

EZOffice products are BIFMA-rated. BIFMA (Business & Institutional Furniture Manufacturer’s Association) is a U.S.-based organization that specifies the construction standards for commercial office furniture and accessories. Letters of BIFMA certifications are available upon request. 

Our parent company, Weber Knapp, is a member of BIFMA.